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Parish Finance Council

About the Parish Finance Council

Managing finances is a necessary part of every family's existence, and the St. Norbert family is no exception. The Council meets regularly to advise the Pastor in the planning, budgeting and control of our financial resources. Our income is dependent upon our generous parishioners; therefore our financial health reflects the spirit of giving that is a tradition at St. Norbert Parish.

The principles that guide the functioning of the Finance Council are cooperative involvement and consultation. In addition, Christian stewardship of the goods entrusted to the Church guide the actions of the Finance Council. Utilizing these principles, the Council assists the pastor in achieving the most responsible stewardship of parish materials, goods and resources.

The Finance Council works closely with the Parish Pastoral Council to advance the vision, mission and goals of the parish.

Finance Council Members

  • Father Michael Lee
  • Forrest Fisher
  • Megan Liney
  • Deacon Bill Masapollo
  • Frank Merenda
  • Bill Stemper

Staff Member Consultants

  • Father Steven Albero, Staff
  • Dan D’Auria, Staff
  • Nancy Dougherty, Staff
  • Ceil Frack, Staff
  • Mary Kay Hennessy, Staff

Contact: Dan D'Auria at ddauria@parish.stnorbert.org or 610.644.1655 ext. 124

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