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About the Parish Pastoral Council

According to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is to foster full participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the local faith community and of the universal Church. Specifically, the PPC is to advise the pastor on a range of topics that lie at the very heart of parish life, including issues related to community, evangelization, leadership, service, stewardship, teaching and worship.

Here at St. Norbert, the PPC seeks to fulfill this responsibility first and foremost by “listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.” Each PPC meeting begins with an extended period of song, prayer, and faith-sharing around a passage from Scripture. Only then does the council consider its monthly agenda. In this way, the PPC helps the pastor discern where the Holy Spirit is leading our community.

Selection Process

Members of the PPC are selected according to a process defined by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The council is made up of nine elected and appointed members, along with members of the parish staff serving as ex-officio council members. The composition of the PPC is meant to reflect the diversity of the parish community. The pastor presides over PPC meetings.

Elections: Each spring, parishioners are invited to nominate individuals to run for election to the PPC. Biographies of nominees are published prior to the election, which is held in May. Two parishioners are elected to serve three-year terms, with a third parishioner appointed by the Pastor. PPC meetings are held monthly from September through June, generally on the evening of the fourth Monday of the month.

The Parish Pastoral Plan

Forming Fervent Disciples

Dear Parishioners: 

Beginning over a year ago, the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) began the work of developing our next five year Parish Pastoral Plan for St. Norbert’s.     

As part of that process, I asked that seven teams be formed from parishioners to pray, reflect and discern on parish life. These seven areas became our Parish Life Teams (PLTs) on Worship, Community, Evangelization, Formation (including our School, Religious Education and Adult formation), Service, Leadership and Stewardship

The Parish Council along with the PLTs, Finance Council, School Advisory Board and our staff reviewed parish life and were asked to recommend Priorities that will drive our next five year plan.  In total, over 100 parishioners were involved in this process and we also conducted a parish-wide survey to enlist the broadest possible input from you our parishioners. 

This past Spring, we decided that our number one Pastoral Priority is an Encounter with Jesus. As a Parish, we will focus on this Priority along with the Objectives enumerated in this link: Parish Pastoral Plan 2014-2019.

– Michael J. Lee, O.Praem., Pastor

Previous Pastoral Plans:




Council Members Contact

The PPC encourages parishioners to share their hopes and concerns regarding parish life. You are cordially invited to contact any council member to discuss any issue of concern.


Elected and Appointed Members

E-Mail Address

Term Expires

David Makowicz



Jim Ryan



Martha Wilbur



Marie Martino



Paul Lavallee 



Stephany Ziegler



Nathan Ball



Mary Beth Fritz



Laura Nicholas






Ex Officio Members

E-Mail Address


Father Michael Lee



Father Steven Albero


Parochial Vicar

Dan D’Auria


Parish Business Manager

Mary Kay Hennessy


School Principal






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