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School Advisory Board

The St. Norbert School Advisory Board serves on behalf of the Pastor. The purposes of the Board are to:

  1. Provide support, guidance and advice to the Pastor
  2. Provide support, guidance and advice to the Principal of St. Norbert School
  3. Ensure that the school will prepare current and future students with the proper foundation to become successful Christian leaders.

School Board Members

  • Father Michael Lee
  • Jeff Bagley
  • Jim Buysse
  • Tom Cancelmo
  • Mary Cavallaro
  • Doreen Ellis
  • Cody Gabriel
  • Mary Kay Hennessy
  • Mark Griswold
  • Megan Liney
  • Dr.Joanne McAdams
  • Ed Morris
  • Kevin Mulqueen
  • Terry O'Hara
  • Theresa O'Neill
  • Brian Rice
  • Meg Sargent
  • Tracey Schwartz
  • John Ziegler

School Board Subcommittees

Interested parishioners are welcome to join the following School Board Subcommittees:

  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • 2021
  • Development
  • Nominations

Contact: Tom Cancelmo, School Advisory Board Chairman, at tcancelmo@btcmarketing.com.

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