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Congratulations! Many of the St. Norbert parish staff are here to support this blessed time in your lives. Weddings require at least six months advance notice.  Please contact the parish office before making other plans to ensure that the church is available for your desired wedding date.

To begin the wedding preparation process please contact the parish office at 610.644.1655 to speak to:

  • Father Michael Lee or Father Steve Albero: Will help to orient you, reserve the Church for the date of your wedding and will inform you regarding the prenuptial interview process and other preparatory requirements. Frs. Lee or Albero also can be contacted about any and all questions you may have on the Church's position related to upcoming or already existing marriages.

Marriage Preparation (Pre-Cana):

Pre-Cana is a ministry to prepare couples to enter the Sacrament of Marriage. We do not currently offer Pre-Cana classes at Saint Norbert, but this link provides information on programs offered by and through the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.  

CONTACT: Fr. Steve Albero at the parish office for information 610.644.1655 ext. 120.

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