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The St. Norbert Parish Vision

In baptism, we are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ and we are sent to bring the good news of Jesus to the world. But we are not called to be lone disciples. We share our calling. In the gospels, when Jesus sends his disciples out, he sends them in pairs. They do the work of the Lord together, assisting one another, encouraging one another, bringing individual gifts to the work they have in common. So it is with us. The Lord calls us each by name, then sends us out together, entrusted with a common mission, which we are to perform as a community.

And so, as a community, we have sought to discern what the Lord is asking of our parish. The following statement represents what we understand to be the work the Lord has entrusted to us. By putting this into words, we hope the entire St. Norbert community may share a single, clear vision of who we are and what the Lord calls us to do:

Saint Norbert Parish aspires to become:

  • one in Christ, ,
  • as a community of fervent disciples,
  • who listen attentively for the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
  • and who lovingly embrace Jesus present in the poor, the alienated, and the spiritually hungry.

Living Our Parish Vision

Our parish and its vision do not exist in a vacuum. We live in a world in which war, social injustice, and economic privation are a reality for many. Our secular society sometimes seems hostile to spiritual growth and moral values and often holds out materialism as the highest good. In addition, we each have our own personal crosses to bear. Physical or emotional illness, broken family relationships, addiction, unemployment, the death of a loved one, our own sinfulness—no one is immune from the heavy burden of being human.

This is why our parish matters. Despite all the struggles we face in this world and all the brokenness we experience in our lives, Jesus is our rock, and St. Norbert’s is where we know we can meet him. It is the one place where we can always gather in his name and be nourished and healed by his sacramental presence. We need Christ. The world needs Christ. Why does St. Norbert’s matter? Because it is where we encounter our God, and become more like him.


What if you and I—the people of St. Norbert Parish—lived out our parish vision more and more completely with each passing year?

What if each of us consciously built the aspirations of our parish vision statement into all the activities of our daily lives—how we think and act, how we pray, how we treat others?

What would happen to our relationship with the Lord? With one another? With people beyond our parish?

What would our community look like if:

…People of every background and life situation felt welcomed, like family, among us.

…We took care of one another through every life struggle.

…We came together not just weekly, but throughout the week, to receive the Eucharist and to pray for and with each other.

…We earnestly sought the guidance of the Holy Spirit in every aspect of our lives.

…We were eager to learn more about our faith, to give witness to it through our words and actions and to share it with others.

You and I are St. Norbert Parish. We are stewards of the vision that God has entrusted to our community. Together we are called to enact this parish vision in ever deepening ways. Each of us is a critical part of the whole, with a unique and important role to play in becoming a people who are…

  • one in Christ,
  • as a community of fervent disciples,
  • who listen attentively for the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
  • and who lovingly embrace Jesus present in the poor, the alienated and the spiritually hungry.


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