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Dear Parish Family,

Advent and Christmas is a time of joy for Catholics. The Nativity of our Lord is a mystery we could spend our whole lives pondering, but we focus on it especially at this time of year.

By coming to us in flesh, Christ brings dignity to our humanity. His life, death, and resurrection bring meaning to our lives and provide for our salvation. In knowing that Christ was born for us, we are filled with great joy.

While we marvel at this outpouring of love and mercy from God the Father, we are naturally inclined to consider those who don’t know about His love. Those on the margins.

Those who are struggling in mind and body.  And so many more who need our prayers.

As we say in our prayer before each Mass, may we truly be “…one in Christ, as a community of fervent disciples, who listen attentively for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and lovingly embrace Jesus present in the poor, the alienated, and the spiritually hungry.”

In a special way I pray that our parish will share the love and mercy of God with those around us, our families, and our communities.

God’s peace be with you this Christmas,

Father Steve

Rev. Steven J. Albero, O.Praem., Pastor



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