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Happy Easter!

What a celebration: Christ died for our sins, but with his resurrection, he gave us victory over our own sins and death. 

Pope Francis has an interesting perspective on Christ’s resurrection: “The Gospel tells us that the eleven, including Peter, had not believed the testimony of the women, their Easter proclamation…there was doubt in Peter’s heart, together with many other worries: sadness at the death of the beloved Master and disillusionment for having denied him three time during his Passion.”  

“…There is, however, something which signals a change in him: after listening to the women and refusing to believe them, Peter rose. He did not remain sedentary in thought; he did not stay at home as the others did. He did not succumb to the somber atmosphere of those days, nor was he overwhelmed by his doubts. …This marked the beginning of Peter’s resurrection, the resurrection of his heart. Without giving in to sadness or darkness, he made room for hope: he allowed the light of God to enter into his heart, without smothering it.”1

Has there been a change in your heart this Lent as you walked In His STEPS deepening your discipleship in Jesus? 

Your Lenten walk doesn’t need to end with Easter Sunday. All the good things we experienced in being “Transformed as a Disciple of Christ” through Dr. Edward Sri’s book continue as we accompany the Twelve, the women, and the disciples through the Acts of the Apostles for the 50 days from Easter to Pentecost, continuing the In His STEPS theme.      

Now that Lent is over, keep your “resurrection” going by spending just a little more time with Jesus: pray a little more daily; share your faith at home, school, or work; go deeper in your interior life with a good Catholic book, blog or video; serve others in different ways through your talents, treasure and time; continue your engagement in a Faithful Connections group.  

Pope Francis concludes, “Let us not stay imprisoned within ourselves, but let us break open our sealed tombs to the Lord…May the Lord free us from this trap, from being Christians without hope, who live as if the Lord were not risen, as if our problems were the center of our lives.”1 

Happy Easter!       

–  Fr. Steve

Steven J. Albero, O. Praem., Pastor

1 “Rising with Peter Because Christ is Risen,” Pope Francis, p. 266, Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019, Magnificat, Yonkers, NY.  

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