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Holiday Thoughts

Summer is a time to recharge your batteries mentally, physically and spiritually.

When you are away this summer, I want you to do one thing for me: go a little deeper in your spirituality.

How can you do that? When you are at the beach, take some time to reflect on the beauty God has provided us. Watch the cloud formations. Enjoy the power and might of the sudden thunderstorm. Stop and look at your feet when you are wading to see the little fish, intricacies of the sea shells, the beauty of the tidal pools.

Enjoy your time for reflection when you’re at the lake fishing off the dock with your children, grand children or just by yourself. Hike in the woods silently and listen to all the sounds and songs that God has provided to from the birds, bees, crickets and nature.

A final request is when you pick up that mystery or escapist vacation book as you run out the door, take a good Christian book with you. Go a little deeper, but in light way. There’s plenty to choose from great Catholic or Christian authors. Just stop by our two bookshelves in the Narthex and grab one or two titles or audio CDs that pique your interest. 

Most all, enjoy your down time and make a point of disconnecting from your smart phone, iPad, computer, TV, gaming console, etc.

Take time to disconnect and reconnect with God. 

God bless and keep your and your loved ones safe and sound this summer and I’ll see you on Sunday when you get back.


Fr. Steve

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