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The St. Norbert Home and School Association (HASA) is an organization established by the Parish under the auspices of the Pastor to support Catholic education at Saint Norbert School. The Association is comprised of the parents of all students attending St. Norbert School. A Board of Directors, which includes parents, and Parish and School administration, coordinates the Associations' activities.

The activities of HASA are two-fold in nature. Social activities are held to bring together parents or families for the purpose of building a stronger feeling of community and school morale. Secondly, fund raising activities, including certain social activities, provide funds for special school improvements, which benefit all the children and support the task of providing a quality education.

Three general HASA meetings are held during the year that all parents are welcome to attend. This year’s meetings will be on:

  • Wednesday November 9th 7 – 9 pm
  • Wednesday February 8th 7 – 9 pm
  • Wednesday May 16th 7 – 9 pm

The HASA board of directors meets regularly to plan activities and to communicate on relevant issues to the Pastor and the school principal.

Board of Directors

Executive Board

President: Patti Grey
Vice President: Kristina Christman
Treasurer: Noreen Strohman
Secretary: Open position

Board Members

Kim Adams
Mary Bagley
Jess Baker
Mary Cavallaro
Jamie Coron
Angela Furtaw
Terri MacDonald
Theresa O'Neill
Molly Ann Philipp


CONTACT: For the name and number of a HASA contact person please call the school at 610.644.1670.

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