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Word of Life: Women & Men

Word of Life is part of the Focolare Movement founded in Italy in 1943 by Chiara Lubich. The Word of Life has separate groups for men and women. All are invited to once-monthly meetings where a scripture verse is read, reflected upon and faith experiences are shared. By sharing our life experiences in the light of God's Word, we help each other to grow spiritually.

Word of Life for Women:

Dates, Times & Place: 2nd Tuesday of Month at 7:30-9 pm (starts Sept 11), Parish Office Dining Room

Contact: Women: Maria O'Connell 610.731.9402 or

Word of Life Men:

Dates, Times & Place: 2nd Thursday of Month at 7-9 pm (starts Sept 13) Parish Office Meeting Room

Contact: Men: Mike Piccioni 610.648.0512 or


November Reflection 11 12

October Reflection 10 12



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