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CaFFE frequently asked questions:


When do classes meet?

Regular CaFFE classes meet most Sunday mornings during the school year from 10:10-11:20AM in the School building. Family Program meets one Sunday each month (see calendar) in the school dining hall.

Why do classes meet on Sunday morning?

CaFFE is held on Sunday mornings so that ALL families are able to attend either of our Sunday morning Masses together before or after class. It is expected that ALL families are attending Mass together every Sunday as the children are taught in class the 4th Commandment “Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy.”

Where do my kids go? 

Students will be pre-assigned classrooms. Parents of students in grades 1-4 are REQUIRED to walk your child to their classroom. Students in grades 5-6 may be dropped off at the school office door.

Where do I pick up my child? 

All parents must pick their child up at their classroom at 11:20AM. No child will be permitted to leave without a parent.

What is the attendance policy?

Please notify your child’s teacher via e-mail if your child will not be in class on Sunday.  All students are allowed no more than 3 unexcused absences. Students may be required to repeat the year for excessive absentees.

How do I know class is canceled for weather or some other reason?

Class cancellations will be posted on the CaFFE website no later than 9:00PM on the previous evening. Please check the website on Saturday night or early Sunday morning for cancellation notification.

Will my children have homework?

Teachers will give homework assignments that are reasonable with and understanding that the children have other school work. Students are asked to take homework seriously and submit assignments when asked for.