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Interested in Becoming Catholic?

Join us, starting this fall!

Have you been considering the possibility of becoming Catholic? Welcome! Do you know someone who may be interested? Now is the time to invite them to RCIA (the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). RCIA is for adults who are interested in exploring the Catholic faith, and perhaps, in becoming Catholic.

Weekly meetings are held to learn about the Catholic Church and its teachings in a relaxed, conversational environment. No commitment is required to come and explore the faith, but the opportunity to freely choose to continue toward becoming Catholic is available. RCIA is also the place for baptized Catholics who may not have learned about their faith and/or completed the sacraments of initiation (Confirmation and/or Eucharist) to take the next step. Come and see!

You do not have to be sure that you want to become Catholic to participate in RCIA. Anyone is welcome who is interested in exploring this possibility. RCIA is also the place for those who are already certain that they would like to become Catholic. Please pray for this year's RCIA program!

Contact: Lorrie Grady at 610.644.4999 or or Hank Fila at 610.513.9768 or for more information on when this program will start.  

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