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That Man Is You

Just For Men

The next session of That Man Is You! (TMIY) starts ThursdayJanuary 31  from 6-7:30 am in the school cafeteria at St. Norberts.  

Hot breakfast provided!

View video of what St. Norbert's men are saying about That Man Is You!  VIEW VIDEO

Here's what other St. Norbert and St. Monica men are saying about TMIY:

"I'm one guy at work, a different guy at home and a third guy with my buddies.  I want to be the same guy in all three places.  That Man Is You has helped me be that man.  A man after God's heart as they say.  I can't say how much it has helped me in my life, with my wife and in the world.". -- Phil

“We’re prodigal sons come back to the Father. I’m humbled and grateful for the men in my group. It’s been pretty amazing. It lifts us up knowing that others have been in the same place and have the same needs.”  – Tom 

“For me, it is a weekly retreat from the chaos of daily life. It refocuses my energy on the things that truly matter to me: my  faith and family.”  – Mike 

TMIY is an honest look at the pressures and temptations facing men today in our modern culture.

TMIY seeks to transform men who will be capable of transforming homes and society.

Each semister session stands on its own so you can jump in even if you didn't attend the fall session. 

Check out videos and sign up now at:

That Man Is You!


Open to all men at any age, including those with young families to grandfathers and those without children who want to discover more about transforming their lives in an encounter with Jesus.  

TMIY program content harmonizes current social and medical science with the teachings of the Church and wisdom of the saints to develop the vision of man fully alive.  It is particularly indebted to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council and St. John Paul II. 

Save the date and make your plans now to attend.  



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