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Why Confession

 Why do we confess our sins?1 

Fr. James Martin says that, "Confession is not so much about how bad you are but about how good God is.” 

Fr. Anthony Gerber suggests that “The priest is like a physician:  when you go to the doctor, you tell him what has been hurting you and with more or less detail so that he knows how best to heal you.  And remember:  he has seen many patients with the same symptoms.  Trust him, listen to his counsel, and you’ll get better soon!”

This Oct 28-29 weekend, to make the Sacrament of Confession more accessible and as part of our RESPOND: Deepening Discipleship theme, we will offer Reconciliation before and after ALL Masses.

What will this do for you?  Fr. Matthew Schneider says, “For many people, the biggest improvement in confession would be switching from viewing it as an obligatory, abstract listing of sins to the renewal of a relationship with God.” Thus, we call it Reconciliation. 

Join us this weekend as we renew, reconnect and RESPOND to “the sacrament of forgiveness” where God provides us with “pardon and peace.”2 

1 Busted Halo, Sacraments 101:  Penance (why we confess) at

2 Catechism of the Catholic Church 1424


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