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Response To Church Crisis

In response to this Fall’s revelations of clerical sexual abuse, your Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) has been diligently working to respond to these disheartening events.

 So far, the PPC has responded in the following ways:

 Letters: The PPC has expressed our concerns in letters and emails to:

Petition: The PPC has created a special online petition for parishioners and other concerned Catholics to sign that recommends a specific way for our Bishops to provide ongoing public assurance that all instances of potential sexual abuse are being referred to law enforcement authorities and that all credibly accused abusers are being removed from ministry. VIEW PETITION HERE 

Monthly Healing Nights: The fourth Thursday of every month, Fr. Arul has been leading a Guided Meditation Holy Hour organized by the Parish Council. These evenings are designed to provide a time for all to pray for those abused, our Church and parish. The evenings are from 7-8 pm in the St. Norbert Church with prayer, Confession, Adoration, and Benediction. The next evening will be Thursday, Jan 24 at 7 pm.


Respond: The Parish Council encourages you to review these letters and, perhaps, send your own letter to Pope Francis and our Bishops or forward them these letters. 

Participate: We encourage you to sign the online Petition and send the link to family members, friends and other concerned Catholics in your network for review and signature. The more signatures we can collect on the Petition, the more force the proposal will have when brought to the attention of the Bishops and those in a position to influence them.

Contact: The PPC is continuing to discern, discuss, evaluate and develop additional initiatives on this subject. We also want to hear from you about your concerns, issues, thoughts, response to these initiatives and future efforts. Please contact or talk to:


Nathan Ball

Brian Fila

Mary Beth Fritz

Paul Lavallee

David Makowicz

Marie Martino

Jeanne Oswald

Stephany Ziegler

Martha Wilbur 



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