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Haiti Medical Mission Weekend


“Helping the poor of Haiti has been a very humbling experience.  The poor have nothing to give us back but their thanks.”  -- Martina Tamaro

  “Haiti Medical Mission Weekend” will be held at St Norbert Church Dec 16-17.

For the fourth time, we will sponsor a volunteer medical mission team of eleven physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and pharmacy personnel to Port-au-Prince, Haiti Feb 3-10 to offer free medical care and attention to the poorest of the poor at the St Jude Clinic.  

The poor in Haiti endure daily hardships due to contaminated water, no sanitation and malnutrition, and are in dire need of medical attention.  On top of their struggle just to survive, they are not able to afford medicines or doctor visits. 

Our mission costs around $25,000 per trip. Our volunteers pay their own travel costs, and we stay very close to the clinic itself in the a tough area of Port-au-Prince. The greatest challenge is to procure enough medical supplies to treat approximately 800 patients, but this is not enough and we are always in need of more supplies.

Contact:: Martina Molsbergen at

St. Norbert parishioners have been extremely generous in the past.  Your contribution will go a long way for these needy and dire people.

To support our Medical Mission, a second collection will be held at all Masses Dec 16-17 or you can make a donation online at:   


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