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New Life With Jesus: Becoming Fervent Disciples

Just as Jesus took us on a journey of repentance and preparation for his ultimate sacrifice for us through his Passion and Resurrection during Lent, now he teaches us how to live as disciples in this Easter Season.      

Through the Mass readings for the next seven Sundays, we will learn what it takes to become a Fervent Disciple through the Acts of the Apostles, the Psalms, the Epistles and Gospels.

Thus, our theme of the “9 Hours That Will Change Your Life,” expands into  “Becoming Fervent Disciples:  New Life With Christ.”

Each Sunday, we will take you through another element of Discipleship and explore what it means and how you can experience New Life With Christ:  Becoming Fervent Disciples in your daily life

The elements of discipleship and Sunday's are:  

  • Personal Relationship (This 2nd  Sunday of Easter April 22-23):  Deepen our relationship with Christ both as individuals and a Church Community as in Acts 2:42-47; this life comes with a cost as in 1 Peter 1:3-9; doubts like those of Thomas can be overcome by Christ’s touch in John 20:19-31. 
  • Participating at Mass (3rd Sunday of Easter, April 29-30): With this new life in Jesus, we need to actively participate together as the Body of Christ as in Acts 2:14, 22-33; because Christ ransomed us as in 1 Peter 1:17-23; and because he showed us the value of the Word and Eucharist in the Mass when he taught the disciples on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-35. 
  • Constant Conversion (4th Sunday of Easter May 6-7):  Life with Christ continues when we learn to follow the Good Shepherd as in Psalm 118 and Acts 2:14, 36-41; sacrifice as in 1 Peter 2:20-25; and live out our New Life even when the thief in the night comes to steal, slaughter and destroy as in John 4:5-42.
  • Serving (5th Sunday of Easter May 13-14):  New Life with Jesus is meant to be shared through service as with the appointment of Deacons in Acts 6:1-7; by being living stones as in 1 Peter 2:4-9; and following the example Jesus sets for us as the way, the truth and the light in John 14:1-12.
  • Witnessing (6th Sunday of Easter May 20-21): Give witness of our faith when we encounter the opportunity as Philip did to the Samaritans in Acts 8:5-8,14-17; “Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks…” as in 1 Peter 3:15-18; and follow the example Jesus has set for us with the advocate, the Holy Spirit as in John 14:14-21 .
  • Sharing (7th Sunday of Easter May 27-28):  Share your faith with others knowing that the Holy Spirit is with you as in Acts 1:1-11; use the Holy Spirit’s gifts of wisdom and knowledge as in Ephesians 1:17-23; and share in Jesus’ commission for us to go and make other disciples as in Matthew 28:16-20.
  • Grace (Pentecost Sunday, June 4):  Proclaim New Life in Christ through the Holy Spirit as the Apostles did at Pentecost in Acts 2:1-11; become one Church and one Body of Christ through the Holy Spirit as in 1 Corinthians 12:3-7, 12-13 ; and go on our mission not alone, but with the Holy Spirit to make disciples of the world as in John 20:19-23.

There are two ways you can participate:

1)  Small Groups Reflection:  Sign up now at the Parish Connect Contact Kiosks in the Narthex of Church for a Small Group at various times and days.  Short videos will help focus reflection on that week's readings into your personal growth as a Fervent Disciple OR

2)  Watch on Our Website:  View the short videos designed to help you focus in on how you can become an even more Fervent Disciple in you daily life by watching the Small Groups videos in your own home. 

Check out the videos and follow along each week:  

New Life With Christ Videos 





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