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Another Step For Our Diaconate Candidates

deaconsOn May 6th, 2018, two of our St. Norbert diaconate candidates were instituted in the Ministry of Acolyte by Bishop Timothy Senior at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary (center) pictured with Paul Stoyell-Mulholland with wife Barb and Hank Fila with wife Barrie.  

The ministry of Acolyte is the last important step before being ordained to the permanent diaconate. Instituted Acolytes have special duties as Extraordinary Ministers of the Altar.

As an acolyte, the deacon candidate is instituted to serve at the altar and to assist the priest and deacon. It is his responsibility to prepare the altar and the sacred vessels and, if it is necessary, serve as an extraordinary minister and distribute the Eucharist.  

God willing, Paul and Hank will be ordained in June of 2020. 

This coming June 6, parishioner Steve Martino will be ordinated Deacon. Stay tuned for more information about Steve's ordination. 

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