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2018 Parish Council Election

 The annual election of two new members of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) will be held the weekend of May 19 & 20

Members of the PPC are selected according to a process defined by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The council is made up of nine elected and appointed members, along with members of the parish staff serving as ex-officio council members. The composition of the PPC is meant to reflect the diversity of the parish community. The pastor presides over PPC meetings.

Elections: Each spring, parishioners are invited to nominate individuals to run for election to the PPC. Biographies of nominees are published in the Bulletin and can viewed here:

2018 Nominees For Parish Council

Two parishioners are elected to serve three-year terms, with a third parishioner appointed by the Pastor. PPC meetings are held monthly from September through June, generally on the evening of the fourth Monday of the month.

Your Representatives: Parish Councils serve in an advisory role to the pastor utilizing the many and varied gifts of the laity in service to the Church as it carries out the mission of Christ. The PPC encourages parishioners to share their hopes and concerns regarding parish life. You are cordially invited to contact any council member to discuss any issue of concern.

Current Members: Parish Council members are elected for one term of three years with reelection possible for a second three year term with a maximum term limit of six years. Current members and their terms of office are:

 Nathan Ball   2020

Mary Beth Fritz 2020

Paul Lavallee 2019

David Makowicz   2018 eligible for reelection

Marie Martino 2019

Laura Nicholas 2020

Jim Ryan  2018 not eligible for reelection

Martha Wilbur 2018 not seeking reelection

Stephany Ziegler 2019

 Who Can Vote: Registered members of St. Norbert Parish who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to vote for 2 candidates. 

This Year: Two nomnees will be selected by you the parishioners for the Parish Council with one additional person to be appointed by the Pastor. Voting will be held the weekend of May 20 & 21.

2018 Nominees For Parish Council



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