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2019 Respect Life Essay Winner

 St. Norbert 7th Grade student Devyn Sargent was the winner of 2019 Respect Life Pro-Life essay contest co-sponsored by our Respect Life Ministry along with the Pro-Life Union of Philadelphia

Devyn won the contest with her essay "Abortion Stops A Beating Heart." 

The 7th grade students were asked to answer this question in 300 words or less:  "What are your thoughts on abortion after a baby's heartbeat can be detected?"

Studens were asked to answer that question in light of Catholic teaching on this subject. 

“This competition is intended to encourage students to delve deeper into Pro-Life issues and the rights of the unborn” said Ron Pollack of the St. Norbert Respect Life Ministry.

Ron added, “Students were reminded that current laws prohibit the destroying of bald eagle or sea turtle eggs with punishments of jail time and/or large fines.  Shouldn’t human beings have the same or more protection?’ 

Second and third winners were respectively, Lauren Elguicze second and Lawson Miller third.

Congratulations to all the participants for great essays. 

Devyn’s winning essay can be read on the St. Norbert website at:

2019 Respect Life Essay


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