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Thanks For The Memories

 After 24 years of service, Truus Smith will be retiring from St. Norbert Parish on August 1st. 

In announcing Truus' retirement, Fr. Michael Lee commented: "Truus has been the 'Voice of St. Norbert Parish.'  Her responsibilities have many and varied.  Those that have worked with her in the Parish Office are aware of the many tasks she performed.  She will be missed."

Truus was origionally employed by Fr. Walter Burke, O. Praem., the Pastor at St.Norbert's for 31 years.  She then served under Fr. Domenic Rossi, O. Praem., as well as briefly under Fr. John Joseph Novielli,  O. Praem., who was appointed administrator of the parish for a year while Fr. Domenic was on Sabbatical.  

Finally, Truus has worked for the past seven years with Fr. Michael Lee our current Pastor along with Fr. Carl Braschloss, O. Praem., our current Parochial Vicar.  

As Fr. Mike said to Truus a native of the Netherlands:  Bedankt Voor Vierentwintig Jaar (or Thank you for 24 years).  

Truus loves to travel and get into the outdoors.  She and her husband Joe are looking forward to more time together, travel and time with her granddaughter.  

Fr. Mike will be hosting a special luncheon in honor of Truus for staff and Truus and Joe will be at one of the Sunday Masses in late July for a special blessing on their future and thanks from parishioners. Stay tuned for that date. 

Search Committee:  Although it is impossible to replace Truus, a search committee composed of Fr. Steve Albero, Kim Savage and Mark Christmyer is currently recruiting candidates for Fr. Mike to interview.  If you or anyone you know might be interested you can download the new position job description below and send a resume to either Kim Savage at or Mark Christmyer at

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