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Support a Missionary

Parishioner Anne Perry will be devoting one year of service to NET Ministries. 

Every August, 175 young Catholics ages 18-28 leave their jobs, schools, families, and friend to serve with the National Evangelization Teams (NET). 

Anne will joining one of their small NET Teams who travel around the USA leading retreats at Catholic parishes and schools (including St. Norbert's in the past), give talks and helping youth ministers with discipleship mentoring. 

Several other St. Norbert’s parishioners have served as NET Missionaries in the past including Bobby Moren and Troy Menendez

Support: Each NET Minister is required to raise $6,000-7,000 to cover a portion of the costs for their missionary year. 

Contact: If you would like to help support Anne, please contact her at or 610.283. 5475

NOTE:  Anne thanks St. Norbert parishioners for their generosity as she was able to raise the funds to support her missionary year.  Thank you all!



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