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Join us for our new Easter Season theme:  "Becoming Fervent Disciples:  New Life With Christ."  

The purpose of this New Life With Christ theme is to help you become even more Fervent Disciples.  

Each Sunday during this Easter Season we will explore what it means and what it takes to become a Fervent Disciple through the Sunday readings from now till Pentecost.  

Whether you are participating in our Easter Season Small Groups or desire to follow along by yourself at home, now you can view our short videos designed to help you as you reflect on the Sunday Gospel readings and how they pertain to your daily life.  

2nd Sunday of Easter:  Fr. Carl:  New Life -- A Personal Relationship With Jesus  SEE VIDEO

3rd Sunday of Easter:  Fr. Mike:  SEE VIDEO

4th Sunday of Easter:  Deacon John:  SEE VIDEO

5th Sunday of Easter:  Fr. Mike:  SEE VIDEO

6th Sunday of Easter:  Fr. Carl:  SEE VIDEO

6th Sunday of Easter:  Mr. Grady:  SEE VIDEO