Resource Center Parish Family Mission:  Faith, Forgiveness & Freedom Nov 3, 4, & 5; Fr. Matthew Guckin Resource Center

 View Fr. Matt Guckin's Parish Mission at St. Norbert's on Faith, Forgiveness & FreedomSummoning People To Their Mission In Life

November 3, 2019:  Fr. Matt Guckin on Faith  VIEW

November 4, 2019:  Fr. Matt Guckin on Forgiveness  VIEW

November 5, 2019:  Fr. Matt Guckin on Freedom   VIEW

A Brief Summary of Fr. Matt's Mission:

Fr. Guckin’s Mission was poignant, funny, engaging, reflective, thought provoking and a spiritual exploration of Faith, Forgiveness and Freedom.

On the first night, Fr. Guckin set the stage regarding Faith by saying, “Faith is more than believing and thinking. It’s more than having convictions about Jesus. Faith is a gift that demands we act.

"There is nothing better than having a mission in life and ...there is nothing worse than not having a mission in life. When one doesn't have a mission in life, one is like a ship at sea cast about by the storms and waves of life without even a rudder, a sail or a motor."

He continued, "Mission comes from the word Mass which comes from the Latin word Missa. The Latin Mass dismissal ends with Ita Missa est. Essentially that means that you've been given your mission. Now go. Take all the graces you've received at Mass from His Word, the power of gathering as a community and receiving the Blessed Sacrament... and go out to the world and spread the Gospel."

On the second night Fr. Guckin said, “Forgiveness is a gift. It does come with a price [as he pointed to Jesus on the cross]. Sometimes we must wave the white flag and begin the process [rather than harboring grudges].”

Other times, at the core of forgiveness is guilt. “Guilt is to the soul what pain is to the body, drawing attention to what is wrong. In contrast, shame is poison,” Fr. Matt said.

What’s the cure, he asked? “The real medicine for dealing with guilt is the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It has the power to heal and transform. Jesus also empowers us to forgive others as a way to deal with resentment and bitterness.”

But hurt can sometimes go deep and Fr. Guckin offered Seven Steps To Forgiveness:

1) Acknowledge that forgiveness is at the heart of our faith.

2) Acknowledge it does no good to harbor grudges.

3) Ask God for the grace to forgive.

4) Name the offense and the offender. Name it - Claim it - so you can Tame it.

5) Think of that person as weak, not wicked.

6) See the offender and the offense through the lens of your own sinfulness. Do a deep examination of conscience. Not just of things done wrong, but of dispositions (pride, etc.).

7) Repeat the process as often as needed.

Fr. Guckin ended the evening by coming back to the opening Gospel reading from Mark 5:25-34 on the woman who had a hemorrhage for 12 years. Like that woman: "whether you feel guilt or resentment, take hold of His garment. Let God set you free.”

On the final night of the Mission, Fr. Guckin focused on Freedom. “The concept of freedom in the USA can’t hold a candle to the freedom Jesus offers. Freedom is not just of press or religion. Those are freedom FROM something.”

Fr. Matt quoted the French political scientist DeToqueville who “said that the kind of freedom we have in our constitution must be tempered with Christian freedom which has everything to do with being free FOR something.

"Our goal is to have freedom to love others as Christ does,” Fr. Guckin said. "Jesus offers freedom from fear, from anxiety, from addictions – to money, pornography, drugs, alcohol – from everything the world wants to enslave us with, so we can love one another as Jesus loves us.”

“Notice the exit signs around the Church,” Fr. Matt said, “they should be entrance signs. We are entering the world. A world that desperately wants the message of Jesus Christ, to see us live out our faith, so we can provide hope, forgiveness and true freedom.”

Videos:  Please view Fr. Matt's videos of each night via the links above "VIEW"

Special Thanks:  It was a truly “Family” Mission highlighted by our talented musical players of all ages. 

The first evening following the Sunday 6 pm Mass featured our Youth Group Choir which set a high bar under the direction of Mark Griswold our Director of Family Life. 

Not to be outdone, Monday evening, our St. Norbert School musicians and choir directed by Ceil Frack combined youthful exuberance with accomplished singers. 

Tuesday’s music capped the Mission with Taize, reflective sounds from our Cantors, again under the direction of Mrs. Frack. Thanks to all the volunteers and staff who worked hard to make this Mission pertinent to your daily life and spiritual needs.              

— Blessings, Fr. Steve