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Mass Intentions

Mass intentions refer to the particular purpose for which a specific Mass is offered. This may be to honor God or thank him for blessings received. But technically a Mass intention means that the sacrifice is offered for some person(s) living or dead.

The Mass Intention Book for 2017 opened Friday, July 1, 2016. Only three Sunday Mass intentions may be scheduled by any individual at one time. After a month that same individual may return to request three more Sunday Mass intentions. This is to permit the broadest number of parishioners to have access to Sunday Masses.

The first Mass Intentions requests must be made in person at the parish office. Subsequent requests may be made by phone.

Additional weekday Mass intentions that may be scheduled within the year by any individual, although we ask that you limit your initial requests for any year to no more than a dozen. It is customary to make a donation of $10.00 when requesting Mass Intentions.

CONTACT: To request Mass Intentions, you may visit or speak to the parish secratary at 610.644.1655.


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