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Are you a mom who deeply loves her children and longs for them to grow up to be loving, confident and successful? Do you fear that influences outside your control will steal their hearts? You are not alone … and you’ve come to the right site.

With and overriding deep trust that God, and only God, could protect and keep children, those fears may be overcome. Only God could change the lives of friends and coaches and teachers. If moms gathered together to pray to God for the needs and concerns of children and schools, He would not only hear those prayers, but answer them.

In 1984 like-minded moms gathered each week to pray for their children and school, and thus began the first Moms In Touch group. What started so simply in 1984 has grown into a worldwide community of praying moms in every state and in more than 130 countries around the world.

We invite you to browse our site (www.momsintouch.org), learn more about us, and discover the most important gift you can give your children: your prayers.

Our meetings include two or more moms who meet regularly to pray for their children, their schools, their teachers and administrators.

  • Mothers, grandmothers or anyone who is willing to pray for a specific child and school.
  • Moms who believe that prayer makes a difference.

CONTACT: Cecily Getz, Regional Coordinator, at 610.296.3707 or cgetz@comcast.net.

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