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“Sing a New Song Unto the Lord. Let your song be sung from mountains high!”

We raise our voices in joyous praise to the Lord with several choirs and instrumental accompanists. If you would like to lend your talent to one of our music groups. CONTACT: Laura Peterson, Liturgy and Music Coordinator, 610.644.1655, ext. 21 or lpeterson@stnorbert.org.

Saturday Vigil Mass Ensemble: This vibrant ensemble serves the 5:30 PM Mass. Accompanied by guitars and various other instruments, our dedicated musicians meet at 4:30 PM each week to practice before Mass. CONTACT: Kevin Hughes at kevin.hughes@villanova.edu.

Sunday Choir: Our Sunday choir focuses its ministry at our 9:00 and 11:30 AM Masses. A robust and talented ensemble of musicians and singers lift up the spirit of our congregation. As they praise the Lord through song, all are encouraged to lift their voices in celebrating our faith as Christ’s family. Some of our choir members also serve as cantors and organists for weddings and funerals. Practice is on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:30 PM. CONTACT: Ceil Frack, Choir Director, at ceilfrack@gmail.com.

Youth Choir: The Youth Choir is a symbol of our commitment to growth at St. Norbert’s. Our dedicated and enthusiastic teens add a level of energy to our Sunday evening Youth Mass. With percussion instruments, guitars and piano, their voices blend for a lively celebration of the Lord’s love in our lives. All high school students and young adults are invited to share their musical talent with us. CONTACT: Mark Griswold 610.644.1655, ext. 14 or MGriswold@stnorbert.org for practice times.

Spanish Choir: Our Spanish Choir generously gives their talent to serve at the 1:30 PM Spanish Mass on Sundays. In the gift of rhythm and melody they praise the Lord in Spanish with enthusiasm and reverence. Practices are held Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM. CONTACT: Francisco Henriquez at henrif002001@yahoo.com.

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