Anointing Of The Sick

Jesus’ care and concern for the sick permeate the Gospels.  Though primarily concerned with spiritual sickness, He was not indifferent to bodily afflictions and seemed often to point to the relationship between the two.  To be faithful to Him, the Church must care for those who are sick in body as well as spirit.

Anyone who is experiencing health problems, approaching an operation or serious hospital stay, or elderly, can benefit from the healing graces of this sacrament.

When the person is gravely ill and in danger of death, there is an immediate need for the sacrament of anointing of the sick which was once referred to as “last rights”.

CONTACT: Please contact Martha Wilbur at the parish office at 610.644.1655 or mwilbur@parish.stnorbert.org. If the parish office is closed, and there is a danger of death, please follow the directions on the telephone messaging system regarding emergencies for parishioners. One of our priests will be automatically paged.