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Holy Communion

The Eucharist is the central action in which Christians remember and participate in the presence of Jesus in their midst.  It is a memorial of the Lord’s passion, death and resurrection.  This holy sacrifice is both a commemoration of a past event and a celebration of it hear and now.

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First Communion

First Communion is a milestone in a child’s journey toward full initiation into the Body of Christ. This sacrament allows our children to experience the wonder and mystery of entering into a Holy Communion with God.

As a norm we schedule the first reception of this sacrament during our regular parish weekend Masses so that all can be a part of this celebration. If your child is not enrolled in St. Norbert School, arrangements to prepare for this sacrament are made through the Religious Education Office.

CONTACT: Mark Griswold, Director of Family Life to inquire about your child’s preparation for First Communion at 610.644.1655, ext. 114 or

Click HERE to register for First Holy Communion

  1. First Holy Communion will be celebrated on the following dates and times:
    • Saturday May 1, 2021
      • 9:00AM – St. Norbert School and CaFFE Monthly Family Program
      • 11:00AM – CaFFE Weekly Standard program (My Catholic Faith Delivered)
    • Spanish-speaking CaFFE – Dates to be determined.
  1. You must officially register your child(ren) to receive the Sacrament HERE
  1. Mandatory Parent First Communion ZOOM meeting on Wednesday February 10 @ 7:00PM. ZOOM link will be sent in a later e-mail.
  1. There will be an online, virtual First Communion retreat for the children. More details will be forthcoming at our meeting on Feb. 10.

Rehearsal Schedule Information:

St. Norbert First Communion Rehearsals will be on Thursday April 29, 2021.

  • Children should come to rehearsal dressed for First Communion (if you would like a professional portrait.) Our photographer will be here to take individual portraits of your child before your designated rehearsal.
  • Rehearsals are Mandatory for Communion student and at least one parent.

Here is the schedule:

Group 1

  • Those making First Communion at For the 9AM Mass (St. Norbert School and Caffe Family Program)
    • Photos @ 4:30PM at Church/Oratory
    • Rehearsal in St. Norbert Church at 5:00PM

Group 2

  • Those making First Communion 11AM Mass (CaFFE Standard Program – My Catholic Faith Delivered)
    • Photos @5:15PM at Church/Oratory
    • Rehearsal in St. Norbert Church at 5:45PM

Click HERE to learn more about First Communion and CaFFE