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Baptism cleanses people from original sin and from all personal sins, giving them rebirth as children of God, incorporates them into the Church, sanctifies them with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and, impressing on their souls an indelible character, initiates them in Christ’s priestly, prophetic, and kingly roles.  By accepting Baptism, people affirm their faith and are initiated and welcomed into the community of faith.

Here are St. Norbert’s we celebrate baptisms once a month during our weekend mass.

Pre Jordan:

The first step toward Baptism is for Parents and Godparents (if available) to attend a Pre Jordan class.  Our Pre Jordan classes are offered once a month.   This class is about an hour long held at the parish office.  Children are welcome.

Upcoming Pre Jordan classes are:

Please contact the parish office to register and to confirm dates and times of the Pre Jordan classes.


The Baptism Registration form must be submitted to the parish office to confirm your date and time.



Other items required for Baptism are the letters of eligibility for the Godparents from their parish.  The requirements for Godparents are as follow :

  1. At least one godparent must be a practicing Catholic registered with their parish.
  2. The second godparent can be a Christian Witness and send a letter that they are active in their church.
  3. There must be one male and one female godparent.
  • All Godparent Eligibility letters and Registration forms must be received PRIOR to scheduling a baptism.  Please email documents to

Upcoming Baptism Mass dates and times are:

  • Please contact the Parish office to confirm all dates and times of Baptisms.

Next available Baptism Masses:


Saturday, May 14, 2022      5:00pm

Sunday, June 26, 2022       9:00am