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STEPS - Tithe

Tithe: Everything we have comes from and belongs to God. We are called to be generous. Tithing is biblical, and Jesus devoted 15% of His time speaking about money. Financial giving is to be a sacrifice but let’s remember we will never be able to return all that God has given us. Our giving is out of love of God and our neighbor.

Tithe:  Giving

As disciples of Jesus, we know it is more blessed to give than to receive. We want to follow in His steps and become more generous givers out of what we have been given.  At St. Norbert’s we give as an act of worship in our place of worship.

Why We Give

  • Giving draws us closer to God
  • Giving grows our character
  • Giving expresses love for people
  • Giving to the parish helps the parish help others

How To Give

The commitment is different for everyone, and today the Catholic Church doesn’t impose any specific amount.  But to make an intentional gift to God, consider the following principles:

  • Planned
    Growing in generosity means being intentional about our giving. Planning our giving means that we intentionally set aside money from our budget to give away.
  • Priority
    Making giving a priority means giving it first place in our budgets. Growing in generosity requires that we don’t give leftovers. We give our “first fruits” back to God.
  • Percentage
    In planning our gifts, we pick a percentage to give away, keeping in mind the biblical standard of the tithe or giving ten percent back to God. Identify a percentage of your income to give away.
  • Progressive
    Our goal over time is to increase the percentage of our income that we give away. As God blesses us financially, we recognize that we have been blessed to be a blessing.