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STEPS - Serve

Serve:  Christ calls us to serve one another with the gifts and talents He has given us.  We are called by God to use our talents to serve the poor, the alienated, and the spiritually hungry in Ministries that serve our parish and in Missions that serve people beyond the parish. 

SERVE:  Ministry and Mission

Serving in a ministry or mission is a great way to make a difference. Christ has given us many gifts and talents and we would love you to share your gifts in the parish and beyond.


How can they hear if no one tells them?  (Rom 10:14)

With more than 45 ministries spreading the Word and serving our parish, we ask you to consider…

  • Reading at Mass
  • Teaching a religious education class
  • Leading a small group
  • Distributing Holy Communion at our Masses and to those who are unable to attend our Masses
  • Welcoming those coming to our Masses

For more ideas on how you can use your talents to serve our Church, go to our website Ministry page.



With St. Teresa of Avila, we believe Jesus “has no hands-on earth but ours.”

St. Norbert partners with several local organizations so we can make a difference right here.  Come join us and …

  • Cook and/or serve a meal
  • Deliver food/clothing and housewares
  • Pray with the addicted
  • Help feed the homeless
  • Help at our food pantry