Following in Jesus’ STEPS

At St. Norbert Parish, we aspire to become One in Christ as a community of fervent disciples. Discipleship is being called to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ favorite invitation to potential disciples in the Gospel was, “Follow me.” (Matthew 4.19) As we follow Christ, we are all on a journey, and every journey is made up of steps. Successful discipleship, therefore, all comes down to simple STEPS.

We as a parish are embarking upon this series of STEPS together. We want to make it easy for all parishioners to take whatever next STEP to which they feel called. But what are the STEPS? As we follow Christ step by step, we are called to Serve, Tithe, Engage, Practice and Share.”


Serve: Christ calls us to serve one another with the gifts and talents He has given us.  We are called by God to use our talents to serve the poor, the alienated, and the spiritually hungry in Ministries that serve our parish and in Missions that serve people beyond the parish.
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Tithe: Everything we have comes from and belongs to God. We are called to be generous. Tithing is biblical, and Jesus devoted 15% of His time speaking about money. Financial giving is to be a sacrifice but let’s remember we will never be able to return all that God has given us. Our giving is out of love of God and our neighbor.
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Engage: When Jesus came, he didn’t build a stone cathedral; he gathered people together.  We believe faith takes root and blossoms with opportunities to share with others. Faith sharing in small groups leads to a deeper relationship with God, nurtures fervent disciples, and helps our parish grow closer as a community.


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Practice: Our journey in encountering Christ is supported and built up through Prayer, Scripture Reflection, and full participation in the Sacraments with communal worship at Mass. We grow in faith and love empowered by the Holy Spirit to become fervent disciples.
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Share: We want others to experience the life-changing message of the Gospel. Our strategy is to Invest and Invite. That simply means invest in the relationships we have with people in our lives and, when the time comes, invite them to church with us. We look for ways to make our community compelling, inviting and irresistible. We strive to create a place where everyone feels welcome so discipleship can begin, grow, thrive, and deepen.
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