Christmas Giving Tree


We are providing presents for over 450 adults and children and moms to be in shelters, homes, etc. We did not collect enough money or gifts this year for all the people we promised gifts and money to. So we borrowed the money out of other outreach programs and will have to pay it back in the future.

We could use donations to the Christmas Giving Tree Program. If you able to support us, please write a check to St. Norbert Parish and put in the memo line: Outreach


Ed Grady

Donate gifts at Christmas (new clothes, toys and gift certificates) to children and adults in need, in shelters, homes and institutions throughout the area.

Please join us for 2020 Giving Tree Program !

The Gift return deadline has been extended to Sunday, December 13th.

There will now be 4 ways which you can choose a gift for The 2020 Giving Tree

  1.  Take a tag from the Tree in the Church Narthex. OR
  2. Visit this webpage and click on the Giving Tree Button :        Giving Tree   OR
  3. Call either Carol Coyne Shanahan at 610-715-4622 OR Marsha Menendez at 610-247-9307   OR
  4. If you would rather make a monetary donation to the Giving Tree, you may certainly do so by writing Giving Tree in the memo on your check.  We will use the money to buy a gift that has been requested. You may place the check in the collection baskets, place in the church office mail slot, or mail to church at 50 Leopard Rd. Paoli PA 19301

Highlights for this year:

        • We are still reaching out to 10 different agencies as well as our own parishioners who are homebound or in need.
        • To pick up a gift tag, you can do so after masses or anytime when the church is open from 7am to 3pm daily.
        • When you are ready to drop off your gifts, place in a gift bag, and place in the church narthex.
        • For gift cards, please place them in an envelope and return them in the collection baskets OR to the church office mail slot.

The Gift return deadline has been extended to Sunday, December 13th.

Military Prayer Cards

Each year at Christmas, St. Norbert’s parishioners reach out to those individuals listed in the bulletin who serve in the military. On November 14 and 15 instead of prayer chains, we would like each parishioner to write a prayer or message in a Christmas card.

We will provide Christmas cards in a box in the narthex, labeled Prayer Cards for the Military or you may use your own Christmas card. There will be a box labeled Completed Prayer Cards for the Military for returns. Do not put the card in an envelopeIf you want to give a card to a particular person, write the name on the card.

The families have asked for prayers for:

  • Peace in the world
  • Peace for our country, America
  • The safety of all active duty soldiers
  • Thanksgiving for the safety they have all experienced thus far during their years of service.

Prayers for:

  • Staff Sergeant RJ Paski
  • Tech Sergeant Mathew Paski
  • 2nd Lieutenant Amber Paski
  • Lt. Colonel James Meranda
  • Lt. Commander Rob Kersey
  • 2nd Lieutenant Robert Farber
  • 1st Lt. Nicholas Prestipino
  • Major Brian Wallin

Please return cards by November 29. The church is open 7AM to 3PM.

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