Engage Programs

We believe faith takes root and blossoms with opportunities to share with others. The following programs help people engage in a deeper relationship with Jesus in a small group format.

Alpha Program

Alpha is a 10-week series that explores the essential components of the Christian faith. Alpha provides an opportunity for people of all ages and levels of faith to experience Christian community, engage in discussions in a safe and friendly environment, and encounter the love of God in a personal relationship through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Time: Meets in the fall in the evening

Contact: Sue Steciw- suesteciw@gmail.com

Bible Studies

In our bible studies we engage with others in the study of god’s word.

Several courses are offered at various times.

Time: Meets Tuesday morning from October through April

Contact: Jeff Daily-jxdaily@ix.netcom.com

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Our RCIA program engages those who desire to know more about the Catholic faith, those who desire to become Catholic, and those who need to complete their sacraments. Classes are relaxed and conversational.

Time: Meets weekly

Contact: Hank Fila-hankfila@gmail.com

Walking with Purpose

This is a women’s Catholic bible study program that engages women of all ages and situations to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Through personal study, small group discussion and weekly meetings, everyday challenges and struggles are tackled with the teachings of Christ and the Church.

Time: Meets every Tuesday at 8:30AM morning from October through April

Contact: Cynthia Castaldi-clcastaldi@yahoo.com

That Man is You

That Man is You honestly addresses the pressures and temptations that men face in our modern culture, especially those relating to their roles as husbands and fathers.  By engaging in discussion of social and medical science with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the wisdom of the saints, the vision of man fully alive is realized.

Time: Meets every Thursday from 6:00AM-7:30AM, from September through April

Contact: Jim Gabriele-jgabrie@ITS.JNJ.com