Liturgical Ministries

St. Norbert Parish encourages all of its members to serve in some way as part of their life of faith. Many parishioners are active as liturgical ministers at mass. When we serve God’s people in the celebration of the liturgy we reflect the action and work of the Lord allowing him to work through us and to ignite the faith of all who are gathered and to open them up to God’s grace and mercy.

Our service both at the altar and in the community helps us to live into our parish vision of aspiring to become “one in Christ as a community of fervent disciples who listen attentively for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and who lovingly embrace Jesus present in the poor, the alienated and the spiritually hungry”. As we embody this vision our faith is made visible in service and we become what we receive; the body of Christ for a hungry world.

Altar Guild

As we celebrate the Word of God, our church shines not only in His love but also by the ongoing devotion of the Guild that cleans our beautiful church. The members of the Guild meet on Friday mornings after the 8:00 AM Mass. We always welcome new members and are grateful for their hard work and devotion to the Lord’s House.

CONTACT: Claire Finlan through the Parish Office at 610.644.1655.

Altar Servers

We welcome all boys and girls in the 4th grade and older to assist the clergy during Mass.

We also ask for their service at weddings. Without the dedication of parents, we would not be able to continue this ministry.

We thank parents and the many girls and boys who contribute to our parish community in this way.

New Server Information & Application

All servers please watch this video:  

Servers as Cross Bearers – Training

CONTACT: Paul & Peggy Lavallee Altar Server Coordinators at 484.716.8295 or

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Body of Christ!” How wonderful to be able to say these words and share in the Eucharist in this very special way. Our Extraordinary Ministers aid the clergy in distributing the consecrated Body and Blood of our Lord during Mass. These ministers serve on a rotating basis. The parish provides training for those who may be called to serve our church community in this special ministry.

CONTACT: Ron Pollach

Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers and Greeters)

This special ministry helps create a spirit of hospitality and community. They represent the Lord reaching out to the world in invitation.

Our greeters are the first to welcome those who enter our church to worship and make them comfortable in our community. Our Ushers facilitate the seating of our parishioners and help in collecting the offering and guiding each aisle at the distribution of Communion. We encourage anyone who is interested to join this important ministry.

CONTACT: The Parish Office at 610.644.1655 or Laura Dabkowski at 215-913-2307.

Healing Ministry

This ministry is held once a month on the 2nd Thursday in the church from 7:30 – 9:00 PM as a special evening for prayer and healing for any needs or parishioner intentions.

CONTACT: Pete Radice at or 610.265.5787 for more information.


Sacred Scripture guides us throughout our busy lives and inspires us to live the Word daily. Our Lectors are assigned to specific Masses to proclaim the Scripture readings to the community. Our weekday Lectors usually serve one day a week. Our Saturday Vigil and Sunday Lectors serve approximately once a month. We invite those with the gift to proclaim the Word clearly, with understanding and reverence, to share in this vital ministry.

CONTACT: Ron Pollack at 484.356.3599 or


The Legion of Mary was started in Dublin, Ireland in 1921. Today it is the largest apostolic lay organization for men and women in the Catholic Church.

The Legion is in over 170 countries and there are 4 million active members and 5 million auxiliary members.

Active members attend a weekly meeting and do two hours of apostolic work each week. Members do a variety of spiritual works of mercy including visiting the sick in hospitals and nursing homes.

Auxiliary members pray the Legion prayers and say a Rosary each day. The prayers on the Legion prayer card are said in honor of Our Blessed Mother for her intentions.

The Legion of Mary is a way to grow closer to Our Blessed Mother and her Son. It uniquely fulfills our call to spread the Gospel

MEETINGS:  The Legion of Mary meets every Thursday from 8:45-10 am in the Sacristy meeting room in Church (door to the right as you enter main doors of Church).

CONTACT: Shirley Mertz at 610.644.6217 for more information.


Are you a mom who deeply loves her children and longs for them to grow up to be loving, confident and successful? Do you fear that influences outside your control will steal their hearts? You are not alone … and you’ve come to the right site.

With and overriding deep trust that God, and only God, could protect and keep children, those fears may be overcome. Only God could change the lives of friends and coaches and teachers. If moms gathered together to pray to God for the needs and concerns of children and schools, He would not only hear those prayers, but answer them.

In 1984 like-minded moms gathered each week to pray for their children and school, and thus began the first Moms In Touch group. What started so simply in 1984 has grown into a worldwide community of praying moms in every state and in more than 130 countries around the world.

We invite you to browse our site (, learn more about us, and discover the most important gift you can give your children: your prayers.

Our meetings include two or more moms who meet regularly to pray for their children, their schools, their teachers and administrators.

  • Mothers, grandmothers or anyone who is willing to pray for a specific child and school.
  • Moms who believe that prayer makes a difference.

CONTACT: Cecily Getz, Regional Coordinator, at 610.296.3707 or

Music Ministry

“Sing a New Song Unto the Lord. Let your song be sung from mountains high!”

We raise our voices in joyous praise to the Lord with several choirs and instrumental accompanists. If you would like to lend your talent to one of our music groups. CONTACT: Laura Peterson, Liturgy and Music Coordinator, 610.644.1655, ext. 21 or

Saturday Vigil Mass Ensemble: This vibrant ensemble serves the 5:30 PM Mass. Accompanied by guitars and various other instruments, our dedicated musicians meet at 4:30 PM each week to practice before Mass. CONTACT: Kevin Hughes at

Sunday Choir: Our Sunday choir focuses its ministry at our 9:00 and 11:30 AM Masses. A robust and talented ensemble of musicians and singers lift up the spirit of our congregation. As they praise the Lord through song, all are encouraged to lift their voices in celebrating our faith as Christ’s family. Some of our choir members also serve as cantors and organists for weddings and funerals. Practice is on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:30 PM. CONTACT: Ceil Frack, Choir Director, at

Youth Choir: The Youth Choir is a symbol of our commitment to growth at St. Norbert’s. Our dedicated and enthusiastic teens add a level of energy to our Sunday evening Youth Mass. With percussion instruments, guitars and piano, their voices blend for a lively celebration of the Lord’s love in our lives. All high school students and young adults are invited to share their musical talent with us.

CONTACT: Mark Griswold 610.644.1655, ext. 14 or for practice times.

Spanish Choir: Our Spanish Choir generously gives their talent to serve at the 1:30 PM Spanish Mass on Sundays. In the gift of rhythm and melody they praise the Lord in Spanish with enthusiasm and reverence. Practices are held Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM. CONTACT: Francisco Henriquez at