My name is Lisetta Coppa, and I’ve been a member of the St. Norbert youth group for 4 years. I’m excited to announce that after a whole year of service this past year, I will be taking a second year to serve with the National Evangelization Team —NET Ministries.

Over a period of 9 months I will be traveling with other young adults all over the country to facilitate over 1,000 retreats for middle and high school students! Our goal is to bring the love of Christ to our nation’s youth through Catholic retreats! In order to make this amazing mission possible, I must raise $7,000-$8,000 in donations, which is actually only about 1/4 of what it really costs to keep a NET missionary on the road for a year.

I humbly ask if you are able, that you would consider being a mission partner through either a one-time or monthly donation. I am so grateful to St. Norbert for the formation I’ve been given here, and I look forward to bringing that same love for Christ to the whole world! Your can contact me

God Bless,    Lisetta Coppa

To Support Lisetta:

Please visit St. Norbert website and Donate online Please select fund— Lisetta Coppa—Net Ministries


Donations can be sent to St. Norbert Parish and note in the memo Lisetta Coppa—Net Ministries

Lisetta Coppa