We’re Thrilled to Announce that we are participating in a parish-wide survey about discipleship conducted by the Catholic Leadership Institute.

The Disciple Maker Index (DMI) is an anonymous survey of parishioners that provides insights into all the many aspects of parish life!

We would like every parishioner to complete the 10-minute survey.

The survey opens March 2, and remains open until April 4. All responses are confidential. The DMI is a survey tool that:

  • Allows parishioners to reflect upon their spiritual growth and discipleship;
  • Identifies the ways in which the parish effectively supports that growth and looks at opportunities to support that growth more in the future;
  • Provides valuable input to help pastors and parish leaders make decisions and plan effectively;
  • Help pastors and parish leaders have a sense of where to focus their evangelization efforts.

Complete the Survey Here

Hard copies of the survey are available as well.

Questions? Would you like a hard copy survey? Contact Kurt Zampier 610-644-1655 or at kzampier@parish.stnorbert.org