Small Groups Faith Sharing

Parishioners, both men and women, together and separately) gather regularly in parish facilities or in members’ homes, with the intention of sharing and deepening their faith by reading the gospel for the upcoming week.


Prepare the Way of the Lord.
Time for spiritual cleanup


Lord, help me to open my heart and allow You to remove the things

that keep me from experiencing Your great love.

Help me to surrender everything in my life to Your care,

knowing that You want only the best for me.

Scripture Reading – Mark 1:2-8  –  visit


Reconcile to God and one another.
Let go of past hurts


My God, I’m sorry for the times I’ve turned away from your love.

Help me to be reconciled with you and to offer forgiveness and reconciliation to those who have hurt me.

I don’t want anything to stand in the way of my friendship with you.

Scripture Reading – 2 Cor 5:18-21 –  visit

Ask God to reveal His will.
Make time to pray


Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.

I want to see You.

Show me your will so I can follow the path You have called me to.

Help me to come to You in prayer.

Scripture Reading – John 16:13-14 –  visit


Yield, be quiet and
listen with your heart

Lord, calm the storms in my life. Help me to surrender all to you

so I can experience your peace and hear the still, small voice you use to speak to me.

Help me to be still to hear your call.


Supplemental Scripture Reading  Mark 4:39  visit

Week 5

Week 5

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