Over the past 7 months, many members of the St. Norbert Community participated in either:

1)     Parish Focus Groups held in Nov./Dec. 2021 (39 people)

2)     The Disciple Maker Index Survey held during Lent 2022 (399 people)

3)     Parish Synod Listening Sessions held in May 2022 (48 people)

In an effort to be more transparent and communicate better, we’d like to keep you abreast of where things stand in regard to discerning all your insights and hopes. 

The report that was requested from the Archdiocese after the Synod sessions is attached in full for you to see here.

The Focus Group report (more a summary of themes found) produced for the Leadership Team and Parish Council can be found here .

After Lent, Catholic Leadership Institute (CLI), the administrators of the Disciple Maker Index (DMI) survey, needed time to compile the 450,000 responses nationwide. For our own Archdiocese, CLI is currently “unpacking/coaching” each parish through a 3-part webinar series around 3 themes (Accessing the DMI Results, Understanding the Data, & Discerning Actions) before parishes communicate the findings from the DMI.

The final CLI webinar is June 15th; after that we will begin to share the findings (strengths and opportunities) beginning in July and on-going into the Fall. We truly value your time and willingness to share and want to keep you updated on where things stand right now. More to come in the weeks ahead via the bulletin and Thursday e-newsletter.