The Search - Lenten Small Group 2021

What is this journey in between the event we call “birth” and the one we call “death”? Is the journey taking you somewhere, or are you leading yourself to some kind of destination – a destination that could extend beyond your last breath? What do you want from your life during the in between? The questions are there. And, the answers are too.

Join us for a program called, The Search. It is a 7 part series offered during Lent. You will receive a weekly video starting February 15th. View the video and if you join us, we will have a 1 hour zoom session to discuss the video, starting Wednesday, February 17th, the night of Ash Wednesday.

Watch the Trailer for a sneak peek today –

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Full Episode

Zoom date
and Link
14-Feb Search Ep1 What Do You Seek? What Do You Seek? 17-Feb
21-Feb Search Ep2 Who Are You? Who Are You? 24-Feb
28-Feb Search Ep3 Why a God? Why a God? 3-Mar
7-Mar Search Ep4 What’s our Story? What’s our Story? 10-Mar
14-Mar Search Ep5 Who is Jesus? Who is Jesus? 17-Mar
21-Mar Search Ep6 Am I Saved? Am I Saved? 24-Mar
28-Mar Search Ep7 Why a Church? Why a Church? 31-Mar

The Search
What do you seek ?

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